GEAPRESS – A cat in Buttapietra, in the Basso Veronese, was hit by a dart in the past days. The dart is visible in the picture taken by the State Forestry Corps. Maybe an event referable to the same madcap who is responsible for other episodes of animal abuse in the same places, among which some cats struck by air gun pellets. The forest rangers of the Provincial Command of Verona haven’t given their opinion yet about this hypothesis. What is certain, say the officers, is that it’s a hateful act.

Nearly 17 centimetre long metal dart perforated the abdomen of the cat. When the poor kitten turned up with the head of the dart in sight, its little owner immediately informed her parents. Then the rush to the vet clinic, where the cat remained in guarded condition for several days.

Crossbows, despite their obvious dangerousness, are free sale. Finding the owner is no easy thing, due to a lack of a registration registry to which refer to. Same thing for air compressed weapons up to 7,5 Joules of energy. If more, they have to be registered.

Moreover, crossbows, despite they’re not allowed for hunting, are often used by poachers to kill animals even of large size, like wild boars. Their destructive power makes them ideal for the purpose and it’s really unbelievable that there’s no legal obligation in selling them.

According to the State Forestry Corps, such cases are not uncommon and denote cruelty to animals. They could be dangerous for people as well. The dart in question, say the forest rangers, could be extremely harmful if used against children and adults.

Traduzione: Gabriele Zambelli

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