GEAPRESS – At least eight of the 27 puppies seized yesterday from an Hungarian citizen nearby the highway passage of Fernetti were suffering from hemorrhagic diarrhea. The Baschi Verdi of the 1st Company of the Guardia di Finanza of Trieste, led by Captain Daniele La Gioia, intervene. The military men had noticed some blankets that were definitely used to cover up something placed on the back seat of the vehicle with a foreign number plate. The attitude of the woman who got immediately nervous worsened the situation.

It was then found out that the woman had in her car a good seven dog carriers containing 27 dog puppies. British and French Bulldog, Bull Terrier, King Charles and Carlino. All of the small pets appeared in pain and unfortunately the following vet visit highlighted the serious condition of eight of them suffering from hemorrhagic diarrhea. Some of them, according to the news given to GeaPress by the investigating officers, could already die in the next hours.

The papers with the woman were five health passports in total, nevertheless stating an age of the animals forbidden for the transportation. Barely six weeks of life. A poor attempt at deception, underlined the men of the Guardia di Finanza. All of the animals were destined for a private Italian buyer, living in Emilia Romagna. Captain La Goia wishes to explain that the investigation is still on going.

Difficult investigations by the way, due to the little importance of the offense. Even of mild importance according to the investigating officers. There’s the inability of doing any wiretapping, let alone the arrest in flagrancy. The smugglers (generally Italians) always use citizens of foreign nationality. The latter always remain unpunished. For example, the Hungarian woman now charged has probably already returned to her country. If there will be a trial, say the officers, she will be probably absent and between the two countries the police agreements are of no help, especially for this kind of crime. As highlighted in a recent GeaPress article, it seems that among the exchanges Europe forgot…the police. Besides a mechanism has been established that allows an easy avoidance of this mild crime as provided for by the puppies-law. For interventions of a different burden like the arrest, there should be a criminal conspiracy but this fact is rather impossible to be proved with the investigative instruments allowed by the law. (GEAPRESS – Reproduction forbidden without quoting the source)

Traduzione: Gabriele Zambelli