GEAPRESS – The four female horses killed tonight in the locality of Mele, in the town of  Benetutti, were chased. The animals were enclosed in a large fenced area and the gunshots were fired from different distances. After the first animal fell, the others surely ran away.

However the very wide area didn’t prevent them from being reached by an expert hand that took aim and then finished them off with a shotgun. Impressive precision: four shots only, one shot per animal. The fourth horse didn’t die immediately. She lay on the ground, seriously wounded, and this morning the vet decided to put her down.

They weren’t valuable horses. All of them were Sardinian Anglo-Arab horses and advanced in years. Basically, they were no longer kept for income purpose. This doesn’t rule out a revenge or a warning sign to the owners. The Carabinieri, who intervened this morning with the men of the Station of Benetutti, think of feud between shepherds. The investigations are now being carried out by the Comando Compagnia of Bono, commanded by Captain Gianpiero Lampis.

This is no news to the province of Sassari and the town of Benetutti. Last November, other three horses were killed within the same area.

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