GEAPRESS – The young cow heading for Calabria that plunged yesterday into the crystal sea of Santa Teresa di Riva (ME) was rescued. It was owned by a stock breeder of Castiglione di Sicilia, at the slopes of the north side of Etna.

Since a few days the animals were being moved into richer grasslands but the naughty cow got lost. She appeared again yesterday in the stream Agrò and after crossing Santa Riva with some problems, she plunged into the sea achieving a considerable distance of about a mile from the coast. Many expressed solidarity, surely also for non-animal reasons, given that that is a farm animal and the breeder rushed as soon found out.

After reaching the beach, and after the refreshing bath, our little cow wouldn’t hear of going on board a truck. Perhaps she would have preferred going back to the sea. She first gave her rescuer a tug then decided to come up to him and horn him. The rescuer was holding her by a rope around her horns. Eventually she had to enter the truck that was waiting for her.

A thanks obviously goes to the firefighters of Letojanni who struggled to save the poor animal and to the inhabitants of this place who were rooting for her although there was some apprehension due to the escape. It’s a pity that on the other side of the Strait of Messina, where she could have landed if she had kept going on, there was no promise land for cows (neither there nor anywhere else). In case, we would have asked to leave her to her destiny.

Traduzione: Gabriele Zambelli

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