GEAPRESS – The volunteers are working tirelessly through fire and rubble to try and rescue stray animals (particularly cats), victims of the nomad camp clearance approved by the City of Rome (See also – picture gallery ). It’s been a sudden evacuation and without any preventive services conference to address for instance the matter of where to move the animals that used to live in the camps.

Unfortunately, once more the Comune has forgotten them. So the problem returned to weigh down on the shoulders of the volunteers. The City Section of ENPA stepped in to aid them and adoption requests are showing first important results.

Once more in the emptied places, there’s Patrizia Di Tullio, a Rome volunteer who has been heard by GeaPress some hours ago. Many cats, many times puppies, yet to be adopted. Others on the other hand have already found a collocation. Two in Rome and as many again, thanks to an out and out sympathy by word of mouth, have ended up in Mantova. Another five, distrustful and fearful, are being taken in an animal shelter for cats in Venice. As time goes by we’ll see if they get used again to human presence.

And what about the City of Rome? At the beginning of this story, after it’s been involved, the Comune collected about ten cats, but now everything is the same again as it was before. (GEAPRESS – Reproduction forbidden without quoting the source).

Traduzione: Gabriele Zambelli