GEAPRESS – A head of a German sheepdog was found today in the gardens of a building in Carlentini, in the province of Siracusa. Surely it can be considered an intimidating message or by the way something very disturbing.

The investigating officers are already aware of the case, but they haven’t spoken out yet. For sure, like in every ritual menace, that head was there to be seen.

Not only. As often happens in these cases, the blood has to stain with red color. No black clots to make assume that the animal has been decapitated somewhere else. The victim of a threat has to be certain that somebody is breathing on his neck. The man who chopped the head off the dog did it right a few steps away from the house, and stained with bright red the marble steps of the house in Carlentini, in via Fontenuovo. By having a better look at the photographs, it seems that the blood spot was done on purpose. It means that the head was rolled on the last marble step.

Dogs, lambs, goat kids, sometimes even horses. A mafia intimidation ritual for sure. When one disagrees to accept a compromise, or one’s being pointed out as the responsible for a mistake, here comes the threat. Nearby home or even inside as happened to Vito Ciancimino’s wife who picked up a package containing the head of a lamb horribly decorated.

By the way always very close and very…fresh. Exactly like in the movie “The Godfather”, where the head of a horse was put underneath the sheets. Imagine what arrogance in leaving a chopped head behind the door of a house. For further details, refer to the article “Heads of Mafia” by GeaPress.

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