GEAPRESS – Two poachers apprehended in the Province of Bolzano. The arrest is not because of poaching (in Italy it’s rather impossible that that happens), but because of illegal weapons possession. The killing of a roe deer took place inside a maso, which is a typical rural dwelling in Trentino Alto Adige. The most dreadful thing is that a baby roe deer was being detained inside the stable for at least a month. The female roe deer on the other hand had been killed and was found nearby the maso. It had recently given birth. In other words, one or two baby roe deers are starving right now in the woods. The puppy detained in the stable was still weaning. It would have been nourished with sheep milk, to be then slaughtered in fall. This is still a common practice in the rural areas and in some way legalized, including the slaughtering of puppies born during the year.

According to the provincial regulations, there are two different authorizations. The first grants permission to private individuals to run animal rescue operations. Once a baby roe deer is found, the same applies to deers and fallow-deers, the individual can keep it till the fall comes and then he has to inform when the liberation has happened. Providing that happens, by that time a roe deer will be dangerously used to the presence of humans.

The second kind of authorization is granted for study purposes or for food. Corrals may be authorized provided that they are located in natural environments and the number of reared ungulates mustn’t exceed a specific number. When the year expires, the Bolzano Game and Fish Office carries out inspections to check if the number of detained animals is still the same in compliance with the given authorization. If one exceeds, the exceeding animals (babies or adults) have to be given to another authorized corral or slaughtered. That’s all legal and certified.

The killing of baby roe deers and of other ungulates happens not only in the province of Bolzano. The phenomenon is spread in other Italian regions. Maybe the mania of having a wild animal could explain something, as the investigating officers say through clenched teeth. Suffice it to say that the ungulates “Class 0”, which are the puppies under a year of age, are allowed to be hunted. In theory they can be shot since they are connected to the umbilical cord till they’re one year old. In these cases, the females belong to the same class.

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