GEAPRESS – The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Como will personally carry out the
investigations on a small dog that was found suffocated with tape.
Somebody tied its legs and completely wrapped its head, causing death
by suffocation (view GeaPress article).

Here comes the news. The happening is likely an act of intimidation to the young lady owner who has already been interviewed by the Local Police of Albavilla (view GeaPress article). The Local Police have then given the first investigation proceedings to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Como.

That small dog could be the tip of an iceberg that wasn’t meant to come to light. The lady owner only noticed that her dog was missing but the disappearance was reported by other people. Very little leaks out from the attorney’s office. It’s something related to the Rumanian community and to the lady owner of the dog and her activities. What happened could involve other attorney’s offices as the investigation has highlighted relationships with other cities.

So no maniac, but a specific intimidation message which rules out cruelty to animals caused by childish action and juvenile deviance.

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