GEAPRESS – Some months ago there was public outcry about the finding of roasted cats in the home of some Chinese people. The news wasn’t true but somehow it was thought to be true.

What is true on the other hand is all the upcoming frog festivals in Tuscany which are going to be held in the province of Florence, but also in Siena and Grosseto. Caught in muddy canals or ponds, frogs end up skinned, breaded and then fried. Or roasted. That used to happen in the past, since now frog and amphibian populations are dropping off. That is due not only to Italian recipes but also to the pollutants often present in the drainage of field water. So it can happen that a weed-killer jeopardizes the health of the frogs and human health as well if they’re eaten.

But Tuscany is one of the realms, along with Veneto and some provinces in Lombardy, with hunting and culinary traditions. Someone tried a protest when the hunting frogs ban came into effect, but then the town festival was saved. That’s because, says the WWF, frogs keep filling the plates of the town festivals. But where do they come from? From the Orient! Each town festival causes the import of quintals of them. Who knows in which waters they are fished in. Everybody gets what he deserves. But what’s the fault of frogs? Protected in Italy, since endangered in all over the world, and fished for that in the other end of the world.

This is not a good example of fair trade, at least for Nature. The WWF vividly protested against these unsolvable habits and suggested to replace frogs with a typical food product from Tuscany, maybe organic. So there would be no impoverishment of nature caused by eating frogs fished in the eastern muddy waters.

Traduzione: Gabriele Zambelli

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